Monday, July 15, 2013

The Final Countdown

Ok, so not the final Final Countdown, but only 1 week to go until I check in to the hospital. After that we begin a new countdown---8 weeks of hospital life until the girls come!! As crazy as it sounds, I am actually looking forward to the hospital. Modern technology has made things for momo mamas so much more manageable in some ways and I'm looking forward to knowing how my girls are doing 24/7.

Anyhow, the last few weeks have been pretty darn crazy. My doctor allowed me to go on a weekend trip to Vegas so that Gideon and I could see Lola and Papa Tony while Rob drove through to Utah to attend his best friend's wedding. A good time was had by all. The next weekend we had an epic Higham Family Reunion in which all 12 of us were reunited for what will be the last time for 2 years! We went to sea world and the movies and the was crazy awesome. This last weekend Rob and I left Gideon with his Aunt Sarah and headed to a sweet little beach bungalow for a getaway weekend before the hospital.

Here are little snippets of all of those happenings and as soon as I steal the photos from Rob's phone you will have a much more fun picture of what went down:

Papa Tony and Lola spoiled the junk out of Gideon and got him a highchair.

Pool time with cousins

Gideon enjoying his nighttime bottle on the beach before
the fireworks

Sadie and Ryan were attached at the hip at Sea World

Despite the look on his face, Gideon really enjoyed hanging with 
Aunt Shannon

Sadie and Ryan would put on their "princess dresses" so that they could twirl

Gideon is in love with his Aunt Becky

Beach days are the best!!

We woke up to this picture text while we were on our getaway.
As much as we needed some "us time", we sure missed our little boy!

My husband is pretty hot.

Yeah, we ate all of that. 

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