Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life according to the iPod

...and some pics I stole from Rob's sister! 

Last weekend my wonderful AK sisters (I hate adding the "in-law" part so hence forth they shall just be known as my AK sisters) threw me an amazing baby shower. I could not believe the time, effort, and detail that they put into everything!  Kristy and Ann have been so thoughtful and aware of my needs from the very first day I met them and this was an especially big example of how great they are. Kristy is due in December and has two rambunctious boys, and Ann came all the way from Fairbanks to make the baby shower work.  They planned the theme after my favorite book The Little Prince and everything was perfectly beautiful. 

I want to thank everyone who attended the shower and made me feel so loved, it was a great day and Rob and I feel so well prepared for baby Gideon's arrival.

This week we also felt an outpouring of love from Aunt Julie (Rob's Aunt). She has been such an awesome strength and support from afar. I write her almost every week to ask questions and get advice and she never fails to come through for me. If I could say one thing about her it's that she is a woman of action---she sees a need and she acts upon it. Almost everyday this week we got a different package from her with amazing things for Gideon. She outfitted our nursery and gave us a jogging stroller/car seat combo (and the list goes on). There will eventually be more pictures of the nursery stuff but here is one of Rob enjoying his newest toy

He could not wait to get this thing out of its packaging and assembled!

To cap off an extra good week Rob took me on a date last night. We finally bit the bullet and went to Olive Garden. The Olive Garden here hasn't been open long and it is the hot place to eat out. Every single time we drive by it the parking lot is full and there are hordes of people waiting outside to be seated. We've called in on a couple of different occasions to determine the wait time (they don't take reservations) and on each occasion it's been 2 hrs!! We got lucky last night when we only waited 45 minutes and it was well worth it.  After that we spent the rest of the evening with Kris and Anthony and their kids, what a perfect night! 

My husband is a stud

Ignore my finger. We decided to hang out behind the Olive Garden while we waited to be seated---this was our view.

And this was what greeted us when we left Kristy's house. BRRRRRR! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Love is...

Love is...

a feeling you get in your heart when you see and feel it

from Hannah Neilson

Love is...

The special glue that holds everything together when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Aunt Sharyn + Uncle Bob

Love is...

tandem biking
tandem surfing
tandem skating
tandem living

<3 Court & Dave Facer

When we made this video in May I didn't think that we would be sharing it, but in the spirit of "Love is...Day" and doing things tandem, here it is!

This is the first song I learned on the violin. Rob is such an amazingly patient teacher <3