Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashback Friday*

*because I'm always too late for Throwback Thursday

Remember that one time I had twins? I was going through old pictures and found these from the day that I delivered.

After spending most of my summer (and a good chunk of fall!) in a hospital bed, I look pretty huge and pasty BUT I was soooo happy to be huge! 

Don't get me wrong---I'm not one of those women who glow when they are pregnant---in fact, I would call it more of a "smolder". Not a Flynn Rider, attractive, charming "smolder". More of an…uncomfortable, tired, going to explode smolder.

But guys, the miracle of pregnancy! I had TWO HUMANS INSIDE OF ME! Even if I just had one it would have been amazing. But I had TWO so it was even more amazing for me (not discounting anyone else's amazing singleton pregnancy). So I deserved to be huge and pasty. And I still deserve to be a little bit huge now and not fit into my pre pregnancy clothes. Cuz I made some humans. And every woman who has ever had a baby should be incredibly amazed with her body. Stretch marks and pregnancy fat and all. 

End rant.