Wednesday, December 11, 2013

all my eggs in one basket...

Or frying pan 

Did I ever tell you about the twin omens?


Well now you get to hear about them. All of them.

~I was born on October 18th---along with the DeMaster twins,  whose mother was my mother's friend. We were delivered by the same doctor.

 I'm the chub scout on the right

 This is Dr. Shahriari holding all of us

 my mom, doc, twin mama

~My best friends in elementary school were twins---Kalynn and Andrianna Cole. I scored big-time by having twins for best friends because that meant that I always got to have two of my favorite people spend the night instead of just one.

 Andrianna and me at my birthday celebration

Kalynn and me at the same birthday celebration

If you look closely, I have a black eye. Between that and the braces I was one hot chica!

~My favorite band in High School was comprised of twins---Tegan and Sara---here's a link to my favorite song from HS

~The twin omens were less obvious for a while but there was a hilarious incident in college where I went to a Tegan and Sarah show and danced next to an extremely handsome boy all night (yes, I said next to, not with <----that's not the hilarious part).  

Fast forward two weeks and I had finally gotten ahold of the owner of a credit card that Tiff and I had found on a morning run. The owner was coming to my apartment to pick it up. When the handsome boy from the concert walked in I almost choked, it was fate, right?? Wrong. He barely batted an eye. I obviously hadn't made as big of an impression on him as he had made on me.

We chatted it up for about 45 min., neither of us mentioning the concert, but I was dying to know if he was just playing it cool or if he really didn't recognize me. So I said "I know this is crazy, but did you go to a Tegan and Sara show two weeks ago?". 

He just looked and me blankly and shook his head.

NO?? But I absolutely knew he was there, and I had spent most of that evening trying to make sure that HE knew that I was there.

How could this be?? Had I gone insane?

Luckily he saved me by saying "Wait a minute...I think my brother, my twin brother, went to that show!"

I seriously thought he was messing with me but it turns out that two extremely identically handsome boys existed.  He promised to introduce me to his brother but it never happened. (Which I'm more than ok with because my extremely handsome husband is more handsome than both of them. combined. And that's a lot of handsome.)

~My sister Becky and I got married one day apart and shared a wedding reception. She married an identical twin! 

~Gideon and our puppy, Meisje share a birthday. We used to jokingly call them our little twinners.

~A couple of weeks before we found out about the twins I made breakfast and this happened--->
If you can't tell, that is 4 double yoke eggs! 4!?!

After which I promptly texted a pic to my mother which said "Good thing I don't believe in omens!!"

Now, I realize that not all of these things really count as omens, but you have to admit that it's pretty weird. Especially the double yokes. 

And just to add to the weirdness, this picture happened a couple of weeks ago while Rob was making breakfast ---->

It has kind of become our family picture. Please note that there is a big "daddy" yoke, a medium "mommy" yoke, a small "Gideon" yoke, and teensy twin "baby" yokes. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that last picture of the eggs is too perfect!!

  2. WOW. That's all. Just WOW. :) Also, I like that I made it into the story. Also, yay Tegan and Sara and twins and babies and you. :)