Friday, December 20, 2013

15 Months

This boy. 

This boy is FIFTEEN MONTHS. 

463 days.

He has eight teeth.

He is a big brother. Times 2.

He feeds himself and uses real silverware (most of the time).

He loves making animal sounds.

He helps change Annelise and Olivia's diapers.

He likes doing laundry.

He loves books and will sit and "read" them by himself.

He signs "please" "thank you" "more" "food" "milk" "light" "fan" and "book"

He verbally says "Mama" "Daddy" "ball" "shoes" "amen""ow" "ew" "yuck" and sometimes if you
ask him what his name is he says "Did-yun" (Gideon)

He loves giving kisses, hugs, high fives, and fist bumps.

He dances like a fiend.

His favorite song to sing is "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" or "Popcorn Popping"

His daddy is his favorite person in the world.

He gets sad when he doesn't see his Grandma every day and lets her know it the next
time he sees her.

He loves to splash in water.

He eats anything. Even gross things like pickles or salt and vinegar chips.

His laugh is infectious.

He is very meticulous and likes screwing bottle caps on and off, flipping light switches, and
opening anything with a cool clasp.

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