Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We're Alive!


It's been a couple of months. 

Since the last time I wrote we have:

-moved TWICE
-celebrated 5 birthdays (Meisje, Gideon, Annelise, Olivia, and Debbie) as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years
-went camping in Zion National Park and Lake Tahoe
-spent two weeks in Alaska
-I changed jobs
-Rob got braces
-we switched to Gluten free foods

I won't go into all the details of all of our adventures, but I figured that I had to start somewhere if I wanted to blog again. 

I've definitely missed chronicling our adventures, but everything has just been so crazy that it's been hard to keep up! I have a whole list of subjects to write on, but for now I'll just bombard you with pictures of my awesome family
 These girlies love books!

 Gideon has taken to eating like a dinosaur

Annelise really knows how to relax at the park

Gideon and his best friend, Thayne, hold hands in the parking lot

Sorry for the poor quality of this video, but you get the point!

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  1. Been missing your posts. I think it's been more than a "couple" of months...Love the pics and the video! Missing you all a ton...